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Wild Life Bundle

Wild Life Bundle

$149.99 Regular Price
$99.99Sale Price

Wild Life -  - 15 Shots - All with pretty Ti-gold palm tail, bursting into golden willow, strobe willow, crackling willow together also with nice color strobe in both V and W shape way of shooting.


Fast Money - 30 Shots - Great small fan cake! White strobe mine with red and green, crackle mine with red and green. Red and blue with white strobe, purple with crackle, gold wave with crackle.



Jaguar In Jungle - 12 Shots - Long burning gold willow changing to silver strobe mixing purple, cyan and green, both color strobe tail and brocade tail up to brocade crown mixing with gold willow finale.


  • Brands

    T-Sky Fireworks, Miracle Fireworks

  • ALU's

    Wild Life - TS5634


    Fast Money - M641



    Jaguar In Jungle - TS5284


  • Shots

    Wild Life - 15


    Fast Money - 30



    Jaguar In Jungle - 12



    Total - 57


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