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Spaky's Super Bundle containing one of each of the 7 Sparky's Fireworks Brand 500 Gram Repeaters

Sparky's Brand 500 Gram Bundle

$499.99 Regular Price
$349.99Sale Price

This bundle includes each of the 7 Sparky's Brand 500 Gram Repeater Cakes.

Addicted to Pyro: Our #1 top-selling 500-gram cake. Red, blue, silver, and crackle bursts with matching mine effects fill the sky ending with a powerful, quickened finale. Long-lasting!

Mardi Gras: Celebrate Mari Gras Style, rapidly launched, explodes in a party of vibrant colors, ending with a double ground mine to matching burst above, multi-level finale!!

Neon Thunder: Just like the name this item fills the sky with powerful thunderous bursts of vibrant neon colors and ends with a 3 shot finale of crackling golden willows!

Color Machine: Silver Tails up to Bursts of Purple, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Red followed by Huge Gold Bursts w/ RWB Falling Leaves ending with a Barrage of Tails up to Bursts of Gold, Purple, and Blue w/Cackling, Bright, Vibrant Colors!

Firebird: This cake lights up the sky with bright orange stars and white strobe, and ends with a multi-shot finale, with unique colors!

Showtime: Its Showtime, Crackling w/Red, and Blue Stars to White Strobe Falling Leaves to Powerful Bursts of Gold Brocade with Green Strobe.

Fireworks Paradise: A display of red and green coco bursts with white strobing stars fills the sky ending with a double finale of sizzling golden palms. A True Fireworks Paradise!!

  • Brand

    Sparky's Fireworks

  • ALU's

    Addicted to Pyro: SP2394

    Mardi Gras: SP17237

    Neon Thunder: SP3894

    Color Machine: SP19208

    Firebird: SP17212

    Showtime: SP19222

    Fireworks Paradise: SP3605

  • Shots

    Addicted to Pyro: 48

    Mardi Gras: 23

    Neon Thunder: 12

    Color Machine: 25

    Firebird: 16

    Showtime: 30

    Fireworks Paradise: 30

    Total: 184 Shots

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