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Island Getaway Collection

Island Getaway Collection

$199.99 Regular Price
$179.99Sale Price
A - Beach Please: Dig your toes in the sand and pull down your shades as you say, "Beach, please!" Sixteen shots of tropical colors burst into the sky, including hues of deep purple, vibrant orange, and brilliant blue, with a magnificent crackling finale!
B - Catching Waves: Grab your longboard and get ready to carve because Catching Waves is off the hook! Sixteen shots of deep ocean-blue stars accented with various effects, including strobes, horsetail bouquets, willows, red lace, and more! The finale will leave you stoked, dude!
C - Yacht My Problem: It's time to sail-abate with this high-class, 16-shot 500g cake! Cruise past enormous island palms with glittery strobes! Entertain your guests with gorgeous strobing chrysanthemums! Then, enjoy a luxurious golden palm finale with a boatload of red strobes and crackling!
D - Tropical Tiki Bar: It's always happy hour here, so saddle up to the Tropical Tiki Bar and cool off with 16 shots of tropical strobing flowers with unique horsetail bouquets! Enjoy all the island's colors with purples, reds, greens, and more!
  • Brand

    Red Lantern Fireworks

  • ALU


  • Shots

    16 Shots x 4

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