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Golden Gorilla 24 Pack - 5" Canister

Golden Gorilla 24 Pack - 5" Canister

$189.99 Regular Price
$159.99Sale Price

24 Pack - Awesome Hanging Willow Effects the Biggest Bursts a Consumer can have - 5" 60 Gram Canister Artillery Shells. If your looking for something better than the rest with like Huge Powerful Bursts, THIS IS THE KIT FOR YOU! This Kit is a One of a Kind with its Special Effects in just one kit and all going higher in the sky and bursting bigger than the rest. Loud lift from the tube launching the shell over 200 feet into the sky producing a loud and powerful burst into a colorful display. Each kit includes 4 sets of 6 Shells all marked with color-effect and 4 re loadable (fiberglass) launching tubes.

  • Brand

    Sparky's Fireworks

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