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Beachin Bundle

Beachin Bundle

$174.99 Regular Price
$114.99Sale Price

Beach Vibes - 200 Grams - 12 Shots - Giant silver tails to gorgeous willows with color strobes and brocade crowns.


Salute to Summer - 500 Grams - 30 Shots - Patriotic, RWB mine, and RWB Bursts, cool little cake.



Beachin - 500 Grams - 16 Shots - Red comet tail blast red to blue with chrysanthemum, Red comet tail blast gold willow to color, Red comet tail blast gold ti willow to cracker, Red comet tail blast green sky blue peony with red plum, Red comet tail blast gold willow to color with chrysanthemum



Pool Party - 500 Grams - 32 Shots - Rich colors and diverse effects! Purple/yellow dahlias with green strobe, blue lemon dahlias with red strobes, silver swirling tails to color falling leaves, brocade crown with multi-color strobes and pearls, red to blue with lace, brocade crown with Ti Chrys.


  • Brands

    Bright Star Fireworks

    Sunwing Fireworks

  • ALU's

    Beach Vibes - BS6014


    Salute to Summer - BS8024



    Beachin - SW-C2302



    Pool Party - BS8026


  • Shots

    Beach Vibes - 12


    Salute to Summer - 30



    Beachin - 16



    Pool Party - 32



    Total - 90


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