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32 Cue Ms Firing System

32 Cue Ms Firing System


The MS32Q firing system has advanced cue overload protection with the capability of 10 amps output, and reverse protection and short protection to insure the firing system cues are not damaged from shorted wires installed in the cues. If there is a shorted igniter in a cue, the cue will not activate. Other features include a low power alarm and shorted cue warning.

The MS32Q can be powered externally with the power pack that is included. The power pack holds eight AA batteries. Energizer Industrial AA batteries are recommended to power a firing system. The battery pack will ignite two non-pyrogen clip igntiers or three e-matches hooked in parallel, or six e-matches in series when Energizer Industrial batteries are used.

The MS32Q can be powered with a 12 to 24 volt external power source using the external jumper provided. We recommend a power source that's 2ah or larger in capacity. A 12 volt sealed lead acid battery or an 18 volt DeWalt power tool battery are a few examples of batteries that could be used to power the MS32Q. Using the two batteries mentioned above the MS32Q can ignite six clip igniters or six e-matches in parallel, or twelve e-matches in series.

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